We bring independent artists and music enthusiasts together to create one of a kind playlists.

For Artist

Promote your music for free

Up and coming artists are often overwhelmed by all the time and money it takes to promote themselves. Collaborative Playlist helps make it easier by organizing all of these Spotify playlists in one place, and it's free.

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For Enthusiasts

Share music you believe in

Ever hear an amazing track and wonder why this artist doesn't have more plays? In a few steps, you can help the artists you love by promoting their music on collaborative Spotify playlists.

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We make it easy to share your music with a broader audience

Visit the playlist or independent playlist page and find a playlist that matches your genre. Then follow these three easy steps.

1. Click on the spotify logo

This will open up the playlist in your browser or app.

2. Click follow or the heart (desktop app)

This will add the playlist to your library and allow you to make edits.

3. Add your song to the playlist

Congratulations you're now on the spotify playlist.

*Please do not spam these playlists. Spotify's algorithms are looking for well-balanced playlists and usually exclude any playlist that has more than a few tracks by one artist. One or two tracks are ideal.

It is a pleasure to help artists and enthusiasts on their way to success. If you have found this service useful please make a donation. Thank You!