At Collaborative Playlist, we offer a zero-cost opportunity to share your music on the Spotify platform. This promotes your music by showing the Spotify algorithm there are more people listing to your music. However, for those who want to take their Spotify promotions to the next level, Playlist Push offers a broader selection of highly curated playlist.

What is Playlist Push?

Spotify allows artists to submit directly to Spotify editorial playlist at Spotify Artists but it’s very competitive and if you don’t have a lot of listeners already, your chances are slim. Playlist Push is a playlist pitching company that pitches your music to a focused group of over 800 Spotify playlist curators. Their playlist reaches over 25,000,000 listeners.

Submitting to Playlist Push

You submit your info and music then you have to wait for your music to be approved for a campaign (not all songs are). Once approved you, select artists, that most resonate with your style and this will give a list of suggested genres. From there you can manually add or delete genres to tailor the best fit for your track.

The next step is deciding what your budget is for your campaign they have offerings below $250 up to several thousands of dollars. The more you spend the more curators they submit to. This may or may not be to your benefit as not all curators are looking for the same genre of music. Be sure to focus your campaign as much as possible to get the best return on your investment

Playlist Push Promo

If you’re ready to start investing in yourself, Playlist Push has given us a promo code you can use to save 7.5% on a campaign.

All you have to do is click here and type in this code: DXFM1LE

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